Intellectual Property

Indian Law Partners has an active media & entertainment practice focusing on advising clients on all aspects of media & entertainment law. The firm has substantial experience in advising clients which include the biggest names in the entertainment and cinematographic industry.

Our work profile includes, besides others, creating employment agreements for production houses and film producers, agreements for releasing cinematographic films across jurisdictions, and also includes advice on sports law.

The firm has a very active intellectual property (IP) practice which includes advising clients on registering IP rights and providing them additional legal support in cases mandating them.

We believe that in a highly-globalized world, IP plays a very important role for business and our practice is rooted in this belief.

Our advice includes not just the importance of IP in a global economic world order, but also how best to safeguard it in a way that protects the rights of the businesses of its registered proprietors and users. Our aim is to understand your business and to provide solutions relating to IP based on your need and best interests.