Mandatory filing of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) related forms online

In order to promote the ease of reporting of FDI transactions, the Reserve Bank of India (“RBI”) has issued a circular making it mandatory for online filing of the following forms on the e-Biz Portal :

(i) Advance Remittance Form (“ARF”) which is used by companies to report FDI inflows to the RBI;

(ii) Form FC-GPR which a company submits to the RBI for reporting the issue of eligible instruments   to an  overseas investor against the above mentioned FDI inflow; and

(iii) Form FC-TRS which is submitted to the RBI for transfer of securities between a person resident in India and a person resident outside India.

In view of the above, physical filing of forms ARF, FC-GPR and FC-TRS will be discontinued and forms submitted in online mode only through e-Biz Portal will be accepted w.e.f. 8 February 2016.

The circular can be accessed on the website of RBI, at the following link: